How To Apply For An ESTA & Make Payment

You are able to pay for your ESTA travel authorization by using your debit or credit card. There may be some variations according to which online service or other service you use but the following credit cards are usually acknowledged:

Your application will not be submitted without a valid credit or debit card.

If you are paying for more than one ESTA then you are able to submit one transaction for your group, for example, a business, a family or another type of group. The maximum number of applications you can submit in one transaction is 50. While you may have submitted the applications together, your travelers do not need to travel together.

Payment with credit card and debit card is completely secure when using the ESTA system as it does not store your card information following confirmation of your transaction. However, you should check the security of any third party service that you are using; they will need to have a recognized secure certificate (SSL).